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Ms Renee Burton

Ms Renee Burton

Massage Therapist;

Looking for a massage therapist in Christchurch? Our therapist uses a wide range of techniques to address a variety of symptoms, conditions, dysfunctions, and generally enhance your health and wellbeing. Anyone can benefit from massage therapy, whether you are a serious athlete who wishes to promote muscle recovery, right through to someone wanting to restore a bit of balance to their life. Massage therapy works through manipulation of your body’s soft tissue, i.e. muscles and fascia. Tension and metabolic waste products that build up in your muscles can lead to injury, pain, fatigue and imbalance. Massage encourages blood flow and movement to targeted muscles and fascia, flushing and releasing these baddies from the body, allowing you to enhance your range of movement, move more freely, alleviate pain and feel revived and energised. Renee Burton, our experienced massage therapist, has completed a 3 year Degree course in Neuromuscular Therapy and looks forward to welcoming you to Active Health. View details »

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