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Ms Carrie Aspin

Ms Carrie Aspin


Carrie Aspin Exercise Physiologist Our latest recruit, Carrie, is an Exercise Physiologist, who for the past couple of years has been a key part of NZ’s quickly evolving movement of using exercise to manage chronic diseases. Carrie has been actively establishing pathways for care inside the “Exercise is Medicine” Waikato committee where she is a member. Prior to specialised exercise prescription, Carrie worked as a personal trainer for more than 10 years. Carrie has a PGDip in Sport & Exercise Science majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Advanced Rehabilitation Methods. She is a highly motivated, dynamic practitioner who is passionate about transforming people’s lives through the benefits of using exercise for different situations. In her youth Carrie competed as a national level gymnast and has coached competitive boy’s gymnastics in Hamilton, training alongside International representatives. She also competes as a Masters athlete for CrossFit Waikato. Carrie’s areas of interest are rehabilitation and recovery from neurological conditions as well as sport performance, which is supported by Continual Professional Development courses in the area of Kinetics. She assists Advance clients in achieving their fitness goals and prescribes exercise for those recovering from illness or injury. Carries also works with people to improve their general health following medical conditions that are deemed ‘high risk’. She also takes a number of the popular Advance fitness classes. Outside of work Carrie tries to fit into the mind of her 5 year old son and keep up with his imagination. Together they do life. View details »

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