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Mr Mark Robinson

Mr Mark Robinson


My first exposure to Podiatry was while I was playing 1st XV rugby, I would constantly have sore arches and feet during and after playing. I ended up seeing a specialist who recommended I moved on from the electrical tape covered boots I was wearing to some good quality more supportive ones. My feet felt better instantly and I was back to playing footy pain free. I began to learn what Podiatrists do while I was at university studying nursing. The Sports, Nail care, Diabetic aspects, all interested me so transitioning to Podiatry was an excellent option. Around the time I started Podiatry, I had increased the levels of my physical activity. I began training for marathons and a lot of what I was learning at uni was useful for me to improve my running efficiency and prevent myself from injury. I now enjoy pushing myself to see what I can achieve. View details »

Feet n Motion Aranui

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