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Ms Jaime Carter

Ms Jaime Carter

Massage Therapist;

Hi, I’m Jaime. I have a Certificate in Relaxation Massage and a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from the New Zealand College of Massage Christchurch Campus. I have worked at Russley Sports Massage here in Christchurch and Essenciel Health Clinic in Wellington. I have always loved receiving massage, and now love that I can give this experience to others. I have a holistic view of the body - all the parts are interconnected - and often dysfunction in one part is coming from another part. This makes for both challenging and satisfying work, and there is nothing better than peeling back the layers and finding the original source of pain/discomfort. I will work with you to meet your goals, whether this is to restore, maintain or improve your sense of wellbeing. If you need some time out of your busy week to relax and revive, have muscle aches from training that just won’t go away, have achy and sore shoulders from sitting at a computer all day or a pain that just won’t budge book in with me today! If you have any trouble booking or finding a time that suits please call us on 3584878. View details »

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