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Mr Daniel Irvine

Mr Daniel Irvine


Helping people through their injuries and getting them back doing what they love most is what attracted me to become a physiotherapist. The excellent facilities, exercise classes and emphasis on evidence base practice here at Muscle People gives patients the best opportunity to do just that. Growing up in Northern Ireland I competed in a number of different sports including rugby, cricket and swimming, unfortunately sustaining my fair share of injuries along the way. This further fueled my ambitions to work in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. I later studied at the Ulster University Belfast earning my Bachelor of Physiotherapy and have since spent two years working in a wide range of specialist areas for the National Health Service. I am excited about this chapter of my career here in Christchurch with a clinic as well established as Muscle People. A practice which is well known for putting its clients first, helping them to not only to meet their goals but further surpass them. In my free time I enjoy keeping fit by continuing to play rugby and weightlifting. I look forward to further exploring everything that New Zealand has to offer as I aim to progress both as a physiotherapist and as a person during my time here. View details »

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