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Ms Beni Martial

Ms Beni Martial


Beni grew up in Mauritius, and in Perth, Australia. She grew up as a ballet dancer, from which she drew her keen interest in movement and health. She first trained as a personal trainer, then pilates instructor, and eventually graduated as a physiotherapist from Curtin University of Technology in 2008. She began her physiotherapy career by working in hospitals in Perth and London, specialising in acute care and neurology. Beni then made the move to Queenstown 4 years ago to enjoy a lifestyle in the mountains and pursue her passion for snowboarding. Beni enjoys using a range of manual therapy techniques including myofascial/trigger point release, dry needling and kinesiotaping, in conjunction with movement education and strengthening exercises in the gym. With her Pilates background and passion for yoga, Beni enjoys putting together challenging and fun home-based exercise programs. With her neuro background, Beni can provide treatment and management advice for concussion and a range of vestibular pathologies. When she is not at work, you can find her mountain biking up at Skyline, or snowboarding up at Coronet Peak. View details »

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