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Miss Megan Beard

Miss Megan Beard

Staff Physiotherapist;

Megan is a recent Australian trained Physiotherapist, and is new to the Wairarapa since September this year, after having holidayed and thoroughly enjoying her time in the area a number of times. Megan prides herself in thoroughly assessing and treating not just your symptoms, but the contributing causes to your injury to improve recovery and minimise the risk of recurrence of your injury. Megan is dedicated to helping people find solutions that meet their needs by taking an individualised approach to every treatment plan. In her time as a student and practitioner, Megan has gained experience in a number of settings, including providing physiotherapy input for National level Hockey teams, state level Australian Football and the public Hospital sector. Megan is dedicated to her development as a physiotherapist, and welcomes the opportunity to work in such a picturesque setting with clients who are ready to achieve their best level of function they possibly can. View details »

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