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Mr Nick Storey

Mr Nick Storey


Nick is a talented Traditional Chinese Acupuncture practitioner. He has a holistic approach which means he focuses on the very source of your health problem, rather than on the symptoms that follow. Nick has a passion for holistic healing. For him this is much more than a career. He lives what he preaches. Here is his personal statement: “I have a keen interest in promoting blood flow to all parts of the body. As I see it “Where the blood flows, good health follows”. Acupuncture has been used for over two thousand years by the Ancient Chinese as a method of stimulating the capillaries of the body to transport life giving blood to where it is needed; muscles, organs, bones, nerves and other soft tissues. I also use heat (traditional oils & mineral heat lamps) and Chinese ‘Tuina’ (a special massage designed to stretch and loosen muscles) to further stimulate blood flow, which can reduce pain and assist the rehabilitation process. I like to encourage our clients to breathe and relax during these sessions, as this enhances the therapeutic effects of each acupuncture session. Other interests include: reading about the mind/body/spirit connection; music (both making it and listening to it), Tai Chi and meditation.” View details »

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