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Mrs Rachael McBrydie

Mrs Rachael McBrydie


I am not sure that I even knew what a podiatrist actually was before my GP referred me to one. I was about 24 and had a sore foot from an initial squash injury that hadn’t resolved after a year of various treatments. It was seriously impacting on my life, limiting the amount of training I could do for rowing and tramping was painful on my foot too. My GP finally sent me to a podiatrist and she made me a pair of orthotics which resolved my arch pain within 2 weeks and I could fully participate in all the sport I had previously enjoyed. I thought this woman had the most amazing job. Fixing feet and helping people get back to what they love seemed like such an important and skillful job. I continued on my existing career in accounting but I kept thinking about what a great profession podiatry was. After coming back to NZ after my OE I thought it’s now or never and retrained as a podiatrist and have never looked back. I love my job View details »

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