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Mrs Catherine  Willis

Mrs Catherine Willis

Catherine Willis;

Catherine qualified in 2002 with a BSc Hons Physiotherapy.  Shes has worked in a variety of clinical settings including acute & community hospitals, private hospitals, sports injury clinics. Catherine is also our Pilates instructor. Keep reading for more detail on the type of pilates Catherine is teaching now at our Papamoa Clinic! Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercises intended to strengthen both the human body and mind thereby benefitting our physical and mental health. There are different approaches to the original works of Joseph Pilates but the principles of concentration, centre, control, flow, precision and breathing remain the cornerstone of today's Pilates classes. We offer matwork pilates, suiting all ages and abilities. The classes last 1 hour and exercises are modified and adapted to suit your ability. Whether you're recovering from injury or wanting to feel physically stronger these classes are the perfect challenge. View details »

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