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Miss Bianca Coutts

Miss Bianca Coutts


Bianca comes from a family of health care practitioners so it was inevitable she would take a similar path. Osteopathy appealed to her because of the holistic, patient-centred approach that it has. Her training consisted of five years of fulltime study at Unitec in Auckland, coming out of this with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Osteopathy. Bianca has recently moved to Queenstown from her home town, Whangarei. She visits a large range of patients coming through the doors including athletes, school children, farmers and elderly. She has a strong interest in sports and performance with a personal background in soccer, tennis and showjumping. She enjoys helping people get back up and running following injury and working with them to ensure prevention in the future. Bianca is always working to further her skills through attending courses and collaboration with both osteopaths and other health care professionals and specialists. View details »

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