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Mrs Clare Murden

Mrs Clare Murden


Clare graduated from University of Hertfordshire, UK in 2001 and has a passion for helping people recover from injuries, reach their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. Clares’ experience is diverse, working in hospitals, the community, for ACC, running her own clinic and working for private clinics around the Bay. Clare has a holistic approach to treatments, integrating her passion for physiotherapy, body work, breathing and exercise. Modalities Clare uses are hands-on physio techniques, clinical pilates, dry needling, acupuncture, breathing, visceral manipulation. Clare specialises in breathing dysfunctions and is a certified Bradcliff breathing practitioner. Poor breathing patterns are commonly associated with musculoskeletal disorders, especially neck and back pain. This can often be a major aspect in recovery from injuries, recurrent injuries or chronic pain. To find out more please check out Clare has recently worked with NZ Cricket White Ferns, helping them integrate breathing strategies during their training camp at the Bay Oval. She has also been involved with local colleges integrating better breathing practices for students to improve mental health. Visceral Manipulation involves working with the connective tissue of the body that envelopes our viscera / organs (stomach, liver, digestive system etc). This has a direct effect on tension held in the body and movement. Releasing these restrictions encourages pain free movement of the whole body. This works especially well for chronic pain conditions. Zero Balancing Clare is a certified Zero Balancing practitioner .This is a relaxing form of bodywork that focuses on relieving stress, tension, trauma held in the skeleton. Clare is fully committed to upskilling and regularly attends training courses. She has a passion for outdoor sports especially surfing and snowsports, music and travelling New Zealand with her big family in their camper. View details »

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