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Miss Rene Askew

Miss Rene Askew


Movement is a part of life and I have always been interested in the way the body moves. It wasn't until I started studying physiotherapy that I got to truly appreciate the way people move and the small ways we all move differently. It is through physiotherapy that any negative change in movement can be corrected, and those who come to the clinic can expect to be pushed to improve their overall funtion and lifestyle. I studied in Auckland, and received a Bachelor of Health Science, and a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy. My first degree really helped me understand the wide variety of factors that can influence a person's health, such as their culture and income, while the second degree allowed me to have a more hands on influence on someone's health. Even if it is only a small difference, I truly find it rewarding helping to improve someone's life through improving their movement. I understand that people all have unique lives and a unique way of looking at their health. My aim is to work with all those who come to see me to work with them to improve their function and overall performance, with the focus on attaining their own personal goals View details »

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