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Mr Stu Ross

Mr Stu Ross


Owner, Physiotherapist, Run Biomechanics, Run Coach Stu has 18+ years experience in muculoskeletal physio and postgraduate diploma in health science (musculoskeletal) manipulative physiotherapy in 2012. Stu is the owner of Refine Health. He has been behind the wheel here for the past 10 years helping things run smoothly! Stu has worked as physiotherapist for New Zealand Mens Hockey and Takapuna Premiere Rugby. He then spent five years working as a physiotherapist in London, which included a position at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club as the Academy physiotherapist. Stu was a senior physiotherapist for Her Majesty’s Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (Headley Court), rehabilitating defence force personel returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. On the weekends, he loves getting ourdoors to run, surf, windsurf, paddleboard. When he isnt exercising, he enjoys playing the guitar and singing, with a couple of beers thrown in for good measure. View details »

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