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Ms Joanne  Cruz

Ms Joanne Cruz


Jo is a senior Physio with over 30 years experience and a strong focus in facial acupuncture. She has completed the Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture Certification. She practices cosmetic/rejuvenation facial acupuncture, if you suffer from Acne, Bells palsy, scar& injuries, facial acupuncture can help. Also, no need for Botox or surgery if you want to erase a few wrinkles and feel & look better! Jo uses hands on traditional physio techniques as well as Trigenics a special form of therapy, where it assists in restoring normal patterns and range of movement. It is extremely effective for frozen shoulders. Jo has extensive training in traditional acupuncture as well the Japanese method,Toyahari, which is a very gentle form of acupuncture to help relieve pain as well as other ailments. Great for you if you have phobia about needles. She is a certified teacher for foundations in facial acupuncture and teaches here in NZ and Australia Book in now with Jo for facial acupuncture or relief from pains, sprains or strains! View details »

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