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Ms Diana Conner

Ms Diana Conner


**UNABLE TO SEE NON VACCINATED PATIENTS** Biography: I grew up in the Netherlands and emigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was a teenager. Learning English as a second language has helped me to develop excellent listening skills. I finished my High schooling and tertiary studies in New Zealand, had three years of clinical experience under my belt and then headed overseas to work in Canada for 2 years. There, I had the opportunity to develop Work-Fit programmes for injured workers to return to their jobs and brought that experience back to Christchurch. I started working at Your First Physio (formerly Riccarton Physio) way back in 1995 and have worked here ever since, buying into a partnership in 1997. Since December 2019, I have changed my role to contracting Physiotherapist which allows me to concentrate more on my patients. Musculo-skeletal injuries are what I have specialised in over my career span of (so far) 32 years. What I enjoy particularly working at You First Physio, is catching up with patients who I have not seen for many years and sometimes meeting their second or even third generation! Clinical interests: My approach as a Physiotherapist has always been to treat the whole person. I am interested in the whole picture, what is contributing to the problem and what the cause is. I find with my observational skills, my interviewing approach and my sense of humour, I can usually get to the root of the problem and help solve it quickly and efficiently. I enjoy working with all presentations; from acute sports injuries, chronic pain, post-operative rehabilitation to fall prevention in older persons. Hobbies/interests: Heading into the great outdoors, tramping, mountain biking or skiing. Basketball, printmaking, reading and spending time with my family and dog. Why I love being a physio/part of the team: Working with people across all ages and ethnicities enhances my day and my own learning. I love getting to know my patients and finding out what makes them “tick”. Being a Physiotherapist for me is being a problem-solver. Coming up with practical solutions, handy hints and the right exercises are all part of the process to get my patients back to whatever it is the injury or pain is preventing them from doing. Being part of an experienced and friendly team here at You First Physio makes that job even better View details »

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