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Mrs Karyn Butler

Mrs Karyn Butler

Hand Therapist, Physiotherapist;

Karyn is an experienced physiotherapist and registered hand therapist having specialised in hand therapy since 2008. In her career of over 25 years she has gained broad experience of orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy in private practice and hospitals in New Zealand and the UK. Karyn has post-graduate training in manipulative therapy and acupuncture, been a physiotherapy tutor and musculoskeletal clinical specialist in a UK orthopaedics department. Her particular interest in hand therapy is in sports injuries, fracture and post-surgery management. Karyn likes to empower patients to take control of their upper limb injury through a thorough understanding of their condition and how to manage it – particularly by using effective exercises and comfortable splints. Karyn and Alison have worked in partnership since 2014 growing In Touch Hand Therapy with the aim of providing high quality and expert care of all patients with upper limb problems. Karyn has appointments available at our Wigram branch. View details »

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