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Mr Thomas  Barnsley

Mr Thomas Barnsley


Hi my name is Thomas, but I go by the name Teej. I've been a physio for 2 years now and have been with KCP since the beginning of my working life journey. I believe that physiotherapy is designed to first and foremost, get people moving. Once we get people moving again, whether that be able to play their sport, able to interact in the community or even just be able to enjoy family life, we can give people the tools to be able to make good life decisions and be able to confidently live their lives to the fullest. My area of special interest is in sports, particularly rugby, but mostly involving team sports. In my spare time I like to exercise/play social sport and do play rugby competitively here in Paraparaumu, but I also play a little bit of music on the side as a hobby and like to get out and socialize with my mates. View details »

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