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Mrs Liz Kelsey

Mrs Liz Kelsey


Liz has been working in private practice for more than 25 years treating spinal, sports and work related injuries. Her training and experience give her the ability to successfully treat a wide variety of clients including the gardener who can’t bend to plant vegetables to athletes who want to feel freedom in their body while improving performance. Liz has developed a special interest in working with patients with persistent and recurring muscle and joint problems. This led her to embrace the ConnectTherapy TM (LJ Lee) whole body model of assessment and treatment, which incorporates The Thoracic Ring Approach TM (LJ Lee), an approach to assess and treat the thoracic spine and ribcage. Finding and treating the underlying cause of a problem through whole body assessment allows Liz to move clients out of dysfunctional movement patterns and into a more enjoyable experience of their own bodies. Liz is a qualified Pilates instructor APPI and this allows her to prescribe targeted exercises specific to client’s requirements. View details »

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